We are Saudi leading company in engineering and realization of Smart Control and A/V Solutions

It comes as part of RAM mega group that had a turnover of 540M SAR in 2012 and had more than 600 employees.

From its inception in 2009, Megatech gathered a wide experience and in-depth technical expertness that is allowing the company to provide customers with professional services and solutions in various segments of engineering solutions.

Partnering with Megatech Arabia, our clients have been able to find not only their immediate needs but also were able to execute their strategic ideas or plans in building assets network infrastructure (operators) or develop their ongoing business processes from whatever sector they belong to (oil, banks, public authorities, security, Housing etc.).

Megatech Arabia has been the perfect partner able to analyze all problems and propose the best solutions technically and economically.

Thanks to the set-up of organization and flexibility MA was able to maintain. Always being ready to timely and efficiently react, supporting its operations with more than 10 employees and logistical facilities spread over the Kingdom

Megatech in numbers

  • Low current contractor since 2009
  • Implemented 25 projects in first year, 52 in second year of operation
  • Started with 5 employees and reached 26 at the end of year 2012
  • The turnover of year 2012 was 30+ million Saudi riyals
  • Named best partner by Control4 for the capital of Saudi Arabia

Our Values



In every thing we do, we strive to be the best in every thing we do and be the first to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

A commitment to the environment


We have an obligation to the nature and to the environment, we try to make it a better and a healthy place for the future.



We deliver top quality products and we settle for the best.



Our team serve our clients with the best processes of delivery, time , installation, and after sale services to ensure the best outcomes a client can expect.



We can help you dream big, but start small since our system is totally expandable.

Our Strategy

Through our top international suppliers and our skilled and efficient team, we deliver best results and enhance customer satisfaction. We use the best resources to satisfy our customers and improve our presence in the market.

We target all homes

Whether it is established or ongoing, through our high range of wireless products, we can install our systems without worrying about excavation and major civil works.

We target all budgets

Using our system will help all our customers to dream big, but start small. You can always start by installing a smart system that controls the surround system in the living room, and expand with time to reach a full automated house with everything controlled by the tip of your finger.

We target your biggest dreams

With us, the only limitation is your imagination. We can provide you with solutions way higher than expected. We can make your house like no other!

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