Saudi Arabia:

Control4 recently presented Megatech Arabia with the award for Best Commercial Project during an annual ceremony for its international dealers and distributors. The award was presented for an installation carried out in a boardroom at the headquarters of digital radio operator Bravo.
Control4 solutions were used for automation inside the meeting room, installed alongside MTA motorised screens, Aten HDMI switchers, an NEC laser projector, a Cisco video conferencing system and Bosch microphones.
‘This award was the result of hard work,’ said Banan Masri, managing partner at Megatech Arabia. ‘Each member of the team made an individual commitment to the group effort. We look back to nine years ago when we started Megatech Arabia and we can’t be more proud of the team we have.’
Mr Masri also discussed the evolution of Control4 products in recent years. ‘Control4 was a company more focused on smart home solutions,’ he said. ‘After Cisco put some money in they decided to enter the commercial market. We have managed to make our own drivers and assemble a complete solution that was even easier to use than Control4’s competing brands and took much less time to build from scratch.’

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