Megatech Arabia was recently contracted to design and install a new collaborative interactive conferencing system in the main boardroom at the offices of SEEC in Riyadh. The systems integrator installed a wide range of solutions from Cyviz, Barco, Arthur Holm, Televic, Bose, Biamp DSP, Cisco video conferencing and Lightware.

“It was a great honour to be asked to implement such an amazing room. We were thrilled when we saw the design perspectives and were eager to deliver our scope with such high calibre,” said Banan Masri, managing partner at Megatech Arabia. “We used a 1.2 pixel pitch direct LED video wall by Cyviz, Barco ClickShare, Arthur Holm screens, Televic microphones, Bose audio system, Biamp DSP and Lightware HDMI switching.”

A total of 29 Arthur Holm Dynamic3Talk screens were installed. The multi-position motorised monitor features an independent lift for gooseneck microphones to be integrated in conference tables. Each screen opens and closes with a motorised movement similar to a laptop, with a 180º rotation. It can also be folded with the screen facing up or down. When the screen is rising, a tray rises automatically at the same time, optimising the desk space. The microphone works with an independent mechanism, so the user can work with the monitor or the microphone separately.

“The room is expected to be used at all time; it’s the main boardroom for SEEC in Riyadh,” said Masri. “Therefore, they asked for the best of everything to be installed there and that’s why we went with the best selection we could. It’s a highly sophisticated solution yet has the easiest user interface in the market. We were happy to deliver the project within the tight timeframe given by the client and with the quality they expected.”

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